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Totals Files: 15
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Totals Downloads: 2677

 1: Mod Clio V6 v1.0
[Hits: 389]
 2: Mod Radical SR3 v1.0
[Hits: 94]
 3: Mod GT Legends v1.0
[Hits: 340]
 4: Mod Nissan Skylan RG-T v1.0
[Hits: 114]
 5: Mod Nissan Micra v1.1
[Hits: 132]
 6: Mod Marcos LM600 FIX v2.1
[Hits: 52]
 7: Mod Marcos LM600 v2.0
[Hits: 48]
 8: Mod Lotus Elise Turbo 6 speed Patch v1.1
[Hits: 62]
 9: Mod Lotus Elise Turbo 6 speed v1.0
[Hits: 84]
 10: Mod GT Tunning v1.0 FIX
[Hits: 103]

 1: Mod DTM v3.5
[Hits: 438]
 2: Mod Clio V6 v1.0
[Hits: 389]
 3: Mod GT Legends v1.0
[Hits: 340]
 4: Mod GT 70's v1.0
[Hits: 272]
 5: Mod Aston Martin DBR9 v1.1
[Hits: 227]
 6: Mods Ferrari F430 Le Mans v1.0
[Hits: 181]
 7: Mod GT Tunning v1.0
[Hits: 141]
 8: Mod Nissan Micra v1.1
[Hits: 132]
 9: Mod Nissan Skylan RG-T v1.0
[Hits: 114]
 10: Mod GT Tunning v1.0 FIX
[Hits: 103]

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Welcome visitor on

Welcome visitor
We present, a community Simracing playing online on the game GTR 2. Here you will find a nice community and everyone is welcome. On the site you will find a nice forum, links, addons and many other things. All the world can be part of this community, and to this end, the first thing is to register on the site: HERE for unlimited access to the site.
We hope you enjoy browsing Race-Online, and hope that many of you make the step to join us and make knowledge sympathiques. All our members are the first to share their knowledge with all those seeking a helping hand.
Happy surfing to all.


After a bit more than 1 year of inactivity and over 10,000 enrolled in 4 years, resumed service without championships (for now) with this brand new site and search for people wishing to integrate RO staff to handle the site, moderating the forum, post news, tutorials and more ... We are also looking for modeurs, Skinners, desingner, beta-tester and all other persons who could change the game files. If you are interested, please send an email with the subject, your motivations, your age and what you want done on the form contact. Tous mails will have a response which is positive or not.
Thank you in advance for those who want to join our team.

Posted by sid93 on mardi, juillet 07, 2015 (19:31:09) ( reads: 2144 )
(comments? News | Score: 0)



Nos Projets   

Nom du Projet Site Tâches Rapports Requêtes Statut Progression
Mod WRC v1.0 pour GTR 2 Mod WRC v1.0 pour GTR 2 Site 5 1 0 Active 75% terminé75% terminé
Mod Renault Clio V6 v1.0 Mod Renault Clio V6 v1.0 Site 3 0 0 Active 90% terminé90% terminé
Muscle Américain v1.0 pour GTR 2 Muscle Américain v1.0 pour GTR 2 Site 3 1 0 Active 90% terminé90% terminé


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